Top 10 FAQ's


Can I travel with a friend, family member, or a group?

Yes. Our online booking form makes it easy for you to book a trip for you and your friend/partner or large groups. Simply enter the number of people in your group and enter each group members personal information. You can even request specific rooming arrangements through our booking form.


Can I request to room with a specific person?

Yes. In step 3 of our booking form, you may list the name of the person(s) that you would like to room with. We will do our best to arrange your rooming arrangement requests.


Is airfare included in your packages?

Unless specifically stated, airfare is not included in any of our packages.


Are the trips safe?

Your safety is our top priority and we recognize our responsibility to provide a secure and unthreatening environment during your trip. As in any sport, accidents do happen in surfing but by exercising common sense and listening to our local instructors and guides, you can minimize your chance of injury and enjoy your surf vacation. Travel insurance is required for all of our trips so that you are covered for any emergency treatment that may be required and our local staff is on hand to guide you to the closest medical facility. If you are concerned about the political stability and general precautions that should be taken when visiting a particular region or country, please visit www.travel.state.gov in order to see the latest and most up-to-date travel warnings and advisories.


What is the average age of travelers on your trips?

Guests who participate in our trips are typically 20-35. However we also frequently book trips for families, couples and corporate groups as well. Regardless of your age, surf camps are a great way to unwind and bond with your family or make new friends along the way.


What if my partner/friend or my parent(s) doesn’t surf and just wants to hang around?

Several of our surf trips offer special pricing for individuals who do not want to surf and simply want to accompany a friend, partner or child and relax. In the pricing section of each tour, you will be able to see the special rates offered for non-surfers, typically labeled as "Accommodation Only". If the price is not listed, please feel free to contact us through our inquiry form and we will let you know if it is possible to arrange a discounted package for the non-surfer(s) in your group.


How far in advance do I need to book or reserve a trip?

We suggest that you book your trip at least 90 days in advance so that there is a greater probability that there is space on our trips and you have ample time to prepare for your trip. We do however, accept bookings less than 90 days in advance. If you're booking your trip less than 15 days in advance, please contact us prior to submitting your booking.


Do I need to know how to swim in order to be able to surf?

Our instructors understand that beginners need to learn to surf in a safe and unthreatening environment. Beginner lessons typically take place close to shore in waist to chest deep water where you are able to stand up and there is no need to tread water. In addition, your surfboard is attached to your ankle and acts as a floatation device. Your surf instructors are also there to rescue you from any dangerous situations as well. If you are unable to swim, simply let the instructors know in advance and they will be more than happy to accommodate your needs.


How much free time will I have?

Each trip has a different daily schedule but you can plan on surfing a somewhere between 2-4 hours per day. Ultimately your daily schedule is up to you and you will have the freedom to have as much free time as you would like. So if you are feeling fatigued from surfing every day, you may opt to take a day off and just relax on the beach or explore your surroundings. Some of our locations offer optional activities such as yoga classes, language lessons and excursions which you may partake in as well.


Will I have access to internet and phones?

Most of our trip locations will have internet and phone access. In the rare case that the trip location is located in a remote area, you may not have immediate access to phone and internet but you will most likely be able to travel to a nearby town with phone and internet access. In the rare case that there is no phone or internet available at the trip location, we will let you know in the trip description.

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If it's your first time surfing, knowing a few tips will help you be prepared for the water and understand everything from the equipment to rules that you should follow while surfing around others.

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